A testimonial is a third party statement that comments on how good someone or something is. By strategically placing website testimonials on a dedicated ‘Testimonials’ page, as well as on your ‘About Us’ page, product pages, and more, you can convince interested users that you’re worth their trust.

What is the difference between a testimonial and a review?

Let's define a testimonial and a review:
1. Testimonials are gathered, owned, and managed by the business that provided the service/product.
2. Reviews are collected and managed by a third party, without the business being involved in the process

ReviewHero Pro Testimonials

ReviewHero Pro is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on approximately 100 reviews from around the Web.
Expert & professional service. I like it.
Sunil Soren
Everything went great; the work is of high quality as advertised. Thanks.
Alexandra Davidson
Repeat client satisfied 100%
Chloe Avery
Fantastic work done by David and his team. Thank you so much.
Karen Rees
Great work from a great team like reviewheropro, thank you.
Wendy Donald
Thank you for your efforts. Great work.
Faith Forsyth
Fantastic job!
Kimberly Dickens
Great work as always
Mikayla Luisini
Awesome seller would highly recommend it if you are trying to grow your page!!
Gabrielle Ferguson
Thank you! Over delivered .
Lillian Thomson
It's now been 6 months and we have more reviews than ever before and are consistently getting more business from it.
Anna Marrio
The reviewhero pro team is awesome! It is easy to figure out without having to ask for help. I recommend them.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Noah Liam
Highly Recommend!
Logan Bam
fiona murphy
Great Experience!
Marimart Paulbitski
We've greatly benefited from their services. We recommend them to all Bizz-owners!
Jeni Austin
Reviewheropro allows us to focus on our business instead of worrying about our online presence. very quick to respond and always on point!
Michael Nguyen
Easy to use and provides great feedback for my company. Increased Revenue due to more prospective customers. Thanks, David Hall!
Jennifer Shin
The implementation process was very easy and free. There was no pressure or initial payment to move forward with the trial. Once it's set up it's...
Steven Steven
Reviewhero has been fantastic to work with. Their entire team is very knowledgeable and helpful. Our online reviews have increased tremendously in the year...
Dante Pride
A Great customer service has always been prompt. Recommended...
Jesse Vigil
I've appreciated how well designed it is, the quick responsiveness when running reports, the options for seeing numerous data sets, and the excellent support I've received from the reviewhero team.
Christopher Roden
The staff at the Reviewhero has been professional, thorough, and extremely helpful. Thanks, David Hall.
Xavier Hernandez
We now have a lot of GREAT reviews. Thanks!
Willie Edmondson
Overall Reviewheropro has been good service & customer service has always been prompt. The only issue is when I do need assistance finding the info for...
Jimmy Ledoux
I love how I can catch negative reviews and respond to them before they end up on Google. Their service is the reason I have a 4.8-star rating! I also love...
Aydin Hau
I am happy with the performance of the Reviewhero Pro. Their customized report generation system is also top-notch.
Patrick Silva
Reviewhero help us to generate more reviews, increase reputation score, and automate customer communication! Thanks, David Hall!
Joseph Pratchenko
Once it's set up it's user-friendly and you see results almost immediately. Great experience! Thanks, Reviewhero Team!
Daniel Doft
The company gives us great ideas on how to improve our online presence. I'm happy with them. Thanks, David Hall!
William Ferguson
I Highly recommended them!
John Budny
My overall experience with them has been outstanding! Reviewhero-Pro has followed through with everything they promised and more.
Nielsen Jeff
The Reviewhero team was responsive and helpful and made implementation a breeze. The hardest part is claiming on the Google listings!
Jeff Brown
The experience with Reviewhero-pro has been excellent. No one can match the support and friendliest of the staff!
Spencer Wightman
Customer service is top-notch and replies immediately with any questions we may have. I recommend them!
Christopher Roden
Reviewhero is great, very helpful, Responsive, Not pushy. Easy implementation, easy to interpret dashboard. Very functional.
James Speights
Reviewhero works as advertised and has helped us to increase our online reputation! Thanks to David and his great team!
Samuel Salom
Customer support is amazing. The Reviewhero Pro team is responsive, detail-oriented, and diligent. Thanks, David Hall!
Ryan Davis
From front end scheduling, office cleanliness, how my staff is doing, and personal data that I can use to improve on patient care, this software has been essential in bettering my practice.
Daren Gottlieb
Using Reviewhero Pro has allowed our practice to truly understand the impression we leave upon our patients. Thanks, David!
Christopher Ramey
Highly Recommend!
Christopher Kerosky
Fantastic people to work with, a system that is easy to implement, and delivers incredible results.
Anthony Rivera
Reviewhero-Pro has been fantastic to work with. Their entire team is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Salomon Bogomolny
This is the most effective program I have ever seen. The outcomes we needed were delivered with extreme speed and exactly as sold.
Eric Marquez
I've appreciated how well designed it is, the quick responsiveness when running reports, the options for seeing numerous data sets, and the excellent support I've received from the reviewhero team.
James Warren
I can pull almost any type of information I'm looking for, and it's been so helpful to share customer's feedback with my staff.
Michael Locker
We have realized benefits from using the software because it has significantly improved our online review presence.
Christopher Morales
We enjoy the software application since it is automated and does not require any management daily. Its seamless integration works every time.
Daniel Young
Mark Larson
this really helps to keep on top of my response to our customers. Thanks!
Webster Cameron
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Do testimonials really work?

Testimonials work because they aren’t strong sales pitches. They come across in an unbiased voice and establish trust. You’re using real people to show success in your product or service. In the end, your testimonials will be there to convert more prospects into customers as long as you use them correctly.