Feature Highlights

Automate multi-channel review request campaigns

The most effective and flexible review acquisition system, whether you have one business location or a thousand.

  • Email, text and MMS drip campaigns
  • Easily upload contacts and schedule campaigns
  • Customizable review request cards for offline campaigns
  • Personalized, localized campaigns at any scale

Stream your best reviews to your website and social media profiles

We’ll collect all of your reviews in one place and help you selectively share them to your website.

  • Automatically display the latest and greatest reviews of your business to prospective customers and increase conversions
  • Selectively show/hide and edit review snippets so that you’re always in control of the content you publish
  • SEO-friendly schema markup can help your site increase rankings

Reporting and Alerts Keep You On Top of Reviews

Track trends, identify high- or low-performers, and receive alerts of new reviews anywhere on the Web.

Mobile-Ready So Reviewers Can Use Any Device

We’ve optimized the review funnel to get customers sharing exactly when and where you reach them.

Prompting Via Email and SMS

Your customers are prompted to leave reviews. They can click to let you know whether they had a good experience or a bad experience.

Make the Process Simple So Anyone Can Leave A Review

If they had a good experience, we then show them a list of sites they can leave a review on. Each of these sites is carefully selected based on your target market and the most likely places that customers are finding you.

For a list of some of the review sites we monitor, see our sites.

Teach Them how to leave a review

One of the things we often hear is that many people don’t leave reviews because they don’t know how. Once they click the site of their choice to leave a review, we give them a quick rundown of how to leave the best review.

Offset the negative reviews before they get online

If your customer had a bad experience and clicks the thumbs down…we give them a form to fill out. When they fill out the form, the results come directly to you, not to the review sites. This helps keep negative reviews from popping up online.

Key Idea: This is one of the best opportunities to check up on your business and your service. You get the opportunity to handle negative situations before they become a problem.

This is a key difference between our service and most others. Most reputation management services allow people to leave reviews online…all of them. Good or bad. That can hurt.

Fully Customized for your business

Not only do we create the forms for you to have customers fill out, we also build you a customized email campaign.

Do you already have a list of customers you have served in the past? We will import all of the emails for you and get your campaigns rolling.

We also set you up with a custom web page with your own login and password to enter emails as you get them so you can remind your customers to review you while you’re fresh on their mind.

Show off your new testimonials to win even more business

Sharing all the good stuff people are saying about you on social media is important. We can do that too.

We will share all new reviews to your Facebook or Twitter accounts as they come in so you can reap the rewards without having to do all the work.

real-time monitoring to keep you up to date

All of the sites are monitored in real time and updated daily. Whenever you get a review or feedback, we will send you an alert notifying you.

This gives you a great opportunity to respond to the reviews, whether positive or negative, and win the hearts of more potential customers.

This includes major, minor and industry specific sites.

Integrate with your website to create your own live testimonials flow

No more old-school unverifiable testimonials!

We can integrate a stream of reviews into your website. Let your site visitors see what everyone is saying about your company and how amazing you are.

The stream also includes a link for every testimonial and review back to the original location so they can verify accuracy.

Email Signatures and widgets

You send emails regularly. Why not let the people you’re interacting with through email review your service too!

We will create a review link for your email signatures so everyone that gets an email from you has a chance to rate how you did.

a fully managed, done for you service

Not only do we fully manage everything for you to save you the time and expense of a staff member handling everything, we also send you reports every month showing how your online reputation looks and what’s new.

For less than the cost of a Starbuck's per day, you can increase your online reputation, increase your lead flow and destroy your competition online

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